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Perfect for breast screening

Thermography is a perfect adjunct breast screening because it is 100% safe. It is an effective tool to find inflammation that may proceed disease, pain, or disorders. Thermography is safe for all women including those who are pregnant, breast feeding, have implants, have dense / fibrocystic breasts or have had prior cancer treatment or surgery.  


100% Safe

Thermography emits NO radiation,  no contact from the camera, no compression! Our high definition Spectron IR  infrared thermography camera detects metabolic temperature differences, and translates the data into a digital map of your surface skin temperatures. These maps, called thermograms, are medical infrared images that are analyzed for abnormalities, and asymmetries that that can indicate potential health problems.




Breast series thermography scan

We specialize in breast education and empowerment! Our breast series comes with a 2 page report, breast health tips, local practitioners references, and follow-up recommendations. 

region of interest thermography scan

Your practitioner can order a region of interest scan. Your practitioner will recieve  one picture of the chosen region.

full body scan

We offer a full body scan with report. We will go over breast health tips, if applicable. 


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