"Breast Friends"


Redwood Coast Thermography was founded by Raea Campbell in January of 2018.  Raea is a Certified Thermography Technician, and was trained at The Thermography Center of Sonoma Co. under Renee Russo. Renee has specialized in breast empowerment and education in Sonoma County for the past 10 years and has cultivated and supported a strong community of women in Northern California.  Redwood Coast Thermography is proud to carry the torch that Renee sparked in Mendocino.


Raea first learned about thermography during her mother’s diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer in 2014. After her mother  had the traditional series of medical tests, her doctor then used thermography as a radiation free, safe scan option to monitor the treatment protocols and keep a close eye on the region of interest. Having the opportunity to learn about her mother’s thermography, Raea realized that it was a good time in her life to get her own “baseline” scan data for her medical records. A quick google search revealed that the only center in her area of Northern California was in Santa Rosa.  Fortunately, the Thermography Center of Sonoma County, founded by Renee and her daughter / business parter, Jen, was the foremost center to find. Renee and Jen provided a comprehensive and personalized service that went above and beyond typical. A wonderful wellness relationship developed between Raea  and Renee & Jen. After about a year of Raea being a client at the Thermography Center, Renee reached maximum capacity for her clientele and was seeking a caretaker for her Mendocino and North clients. Raea was given the opportunity and decided that it was a valuable and worthy investment for herself, and her community.


Fast forward a year, and Raea has completed her training and certification and in now growing her practice in the Village of Mendocino in addition to scanning in Ukiah on the second Saturday of each month.