Thermography Is:

100% safe •radiation free •no contact

Medical Infrared imaging, or Thermography, is a noninvasive, adjunct diagnostic technique that visualizes and records changes in the surface skin temperature. An infrared camera is used to produce the visual image; which graphically maps the body temperature and is referred to as a thermogram.

Thermography is safe for anyone with a compromised immune system, those who are pregnant, breast feeding, have implants or dense or fibrocystic breasts, or have had prior cancer treatment or surgery. 

The most well known use of thermography is as an adjunct screening for breast risk assessment. However, there are many other applications of thermography...




Applications Include:

•An adjunct screening tool for breasts

•Neuro /Musculo / Skeletal disorders

•sports related injuries & soft tissue

•Spinal disk protrusions / Extrusions

•Chronic pain syndroms - fibromyalgia, myofascial Pain, migraines

•Nerve trauma

•Vascular disorders

•Thyroid gland abnormalities

•Inflammatory conditions

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